10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Self Esteem 2

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” ~ Uknown

We are moving into the months of spring a time in which we can all use to getting back on track, or riding ourselves of things that no longer serve us. Every now and again I allow myself to do a complete purge in my inner and outer world in hopes to usher in that newness that is waiting for me. Look over your last few months and I can guarantee you are just like me and have let a few things pile up and cause clutter.

Take a look around right now and look at things you want to remove in your life. How do these things make you feel? Does it create a desirable feeling? If it does not create the feeling that you want for yourself. It is time to spring clean it forward. For this blog post I want to focus on your self esteem and the next post we will focus on the tangible things that needs clearing.

But for now I want you to do the mindset work that will last a life time if you put the tools to work; clutter wont mean a thing.

Earlier I asked you to notice how you were feeling when it came to de-cluttering your life. The reason is that when we are aware of our feelings we can allow acceptance to come in which creates transformation. Below are 10 ways you can spring clean your self esteem.

  1. Feel your emotions- Allow yourself without scrutiny or judgment to feel your emotions and stay with that feeling with and open heart to understand it.
  2. Set an intention to prioritize what is important to you and what may need to be placed respectably off of your list of to do.
  3. Pay attention to what to the behaviors that drag you down and begin to change them
  4. Cultivate the good habits you want to grow and keep. The habits that promote a joyous feeling
  5. Speak in away that empowers you and motivates you to stand in your unique worthiness.
  6. Take inventory of what is missing in your life and how you can add more of it back into you space.
  7. Practice gratitude daily
  8. Be non-negotiable about your goals and flexible in your strategy.
  9. Meditate and sit in silence. The God in us always gives us the answer when we are silent enough to hear it.
  10. Each day turn one dream into a plan.

Spring cleaning is a time for you to offer yourself a gift of restoration, renewal, and rededication. It is a time to put things in there perfect place and allow the spring breeze to remove the stagnant and flow freely the positive and bountiful blessings your way. If you get stuck start with feeling and then acceptance.

Tell me in the comments what one way will you be spring cleaning your self esteem, your emotional wellness, and mindset?


Love Light and Blessings!

Danica N. Worthy

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