5 Ways to Show Up And Be Heard 4

Be heard and be seen!
” Sit with the winners and the conversation will be different”

Your voice is the authentic piece we all hear about. It is that uniqueness that sets you apart from others. We are living in a time when it is imperative that our voices are heard. Think of a cause you may have wanted to advocate for, or a goal that you have attempted to achieve, but due to the fear of speaking out you choose to mute yourself hoping to be seen. Well I am here to tell you from experience it wont happen. Your voice is a gift and the foundation to the legacy that you will one day leave behind, let today be the day that you begin to use it.

Malala Yousafzai

Here are a five ways to show up and be heard

  • Prepare your voice-Set the intention to use your voice for a purpose. Be clear on what you are going to say and for what reason.
  • Research- Do your home work, know your subject, and research some more.
  • Contribute- Show up to contribute and not just lash out opinions .
  • Make new connections- When you use your voice you will attract like minded individuals and their support. This action builds community as well as confidence.
  • Tell your truth even if your voice shakes- It is your true stories that magnetizes and draws the masses. Speak your truth and the world will follow.

What are some ways that you show up and be heard. Are you the next best kept secret? If so know worries begin now and cultivate that inner awesomeness and let me know in the comments how you begin to feel.

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