The Ultimate Guide To Redesign Your Life On Your Own Terms 1

Become aware of what’s in you. Announce it, Pronounce it, Produce it, And give birth to it ~ Meister Eckhart To Redesign Your Life

You are never to old to redesign your life. In order to grow you must change or reinvent yourself at some point in your life. For a long time in my life I didn’t believe that I would change from what I deemed normal. It took making a choice and dedicating myself to the new act before I allowed myself to see a difference. There are no mistakes in redesigning your life, only forward movement. Think of an interior designer they receive your vision and go to work on your creation if it is not what you’ve wanted they begin to redesign again and again. That simple!

Redesigning your life is all about allowing yourself to transform and becoming aware that things are taking place. Many times we get caught up in the act of wanting to see the evidence instantly that we loose sight of our growth and its potential. We focus on the Have Not’s, I Cant’s, and the number of No’s we’ve encountered in our life time. Think of a time when you felt that you needed a change in your life, what were the underlining reason that you needed that change?

  • You were in a relationship that ran it’s course
  • You were unhealthy and a health scare warranted immediate change
  • You wake up constantly fatigued wandering what you are doing with your life
  • You’re tired of dimming your light so others feel comfortable
  • You hate your job and know that you can utilize your time for more rewarding work
  • You are tired of wearing a mask to make others happy
  • You have a burning passion but don’t know where to start

If this is you, know that you are not alone, I have been there before and that’s why I allow myself the freedom to choose how I want to redesign my life and you should too. Remember redesigning is about taking control and creating the space that is sacred and tailored to your needs. I believe that we will always be in state of creating and designing in our life’s because the world is constantly changing. The Ultimate guide is your starter kit to make things happen in your life that you have been hiding or wishing for. It is also a compass that was created to align you with what’s going on in your inner world to reflect bodily and brightly in your outer world.

Let’s Go!

  1. Set an intention to get clear on your vision- Redesigning is about vision and in order to see your vision there must be clarity. Allow yourself 30 minutes a day to sit in silence and get clear of your vision. Let this vision come from a place of truth with no distractions or persuasions.
  2. Acceptance – Be okay with your past, and present. Acceptance is a gift that allows you to move forward in your own power. Acceptance allows redesigning to be easy because you are trusting that everything will fall into place.
  3. Write it down– What ever you want to see happen, right it on paper. This is definitely the ultimate way to cash in on your dreams. Make a pack with yourself to write down your visions everyday.
  4. Recite– Speak it and believe it this allows you to make daily declarations, this is the reprogramming of your mind parts that we sometimes forget.
  5. Network– Surround yourself with others who have done what your trying to do, and whom can bear witness to your truth. Remember you are the sum total of the five…..
  6. Study– Read books, connect with nature, get involved in what’s going on in the world. This will expand your vision and also expand your reach
  7. Silence the enemy within– Quite that voice that tells you you’re not good enough, or less qualified than whomever. Feed your inner demon with love and a correction. I do this by affirming.
  8. Take action– Action is one of the fastest ways to get things done whether you pass or fail. It is also one of the biggest things that keep us stuck on the sidelines. Take one step at a time and do one action that will move you closer to the lifestyle that you envision for yourself.
  9. Loose the excuses– Excuses keeps you in a comfortable position, loose it and you will find a new world of goodness.
  10. Trust yourself– Have faith in yourself and know even in the midst of uncertainty just  hold that belief and you wont go wrong.



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