How To Embrace Your Quirkiness And Rock Your Soul Purpose In Style

” The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ~ Terry Orlick How To Embrace Your Quirkiness

Do your friends categorize you as eccentric or weird? Do you feel socially awkward at huge gatherings? If so I have felt your pain and have the perfect antidote for you to kick ass by embracing all that encompasses you and rock it. Quirk in the Webster dictionary means a peculiar trait, or idiosyncrasy. In my definition it means part of the characteristics that make you unique. It is your souls way of differentiating itself from what the world deems normal and in style.

What I know for sure is that 

It is expressive and It is transformational.

The most liberating and honorable thing you can do for yourself is accept yourself for who you are with all the quirks and characteristics that make you evolve into the beautiful being that you are. Take pleasure in who you are and what you do knowing that you add value to your world and in the lives of others. By this action alone you are beginning to break free of the rules that keep you stuck in a mindset that says you need to change to reflect what the worlds set as a standard. You begin to create your own standards and live a life that makes you shine from the inside out.

There is famous quote that says “ Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.~ Pablo Picasso  Think of yourself as an artist and  you have the control of your chisel  and hammer. You get to sculpt your life story and your beautiful self just as you envision it. You have read the life rule book and learned from it now you are creating your world with flare and style.

If you are ready to embrace your quirkiness and rock out your souls purpose. I have some dope ways to get you in the habit of standing out in your natural authority in your chosen area of expertise.

  • Silence the noise– When there is too much noise around you will begin to stop trusting yourself, your ideas, and your intuition. Remember in silence you can hear more, and creativity has a chance to blossom.
  • Share who you are – Becoming visible in a world where everything looks the same takes skill. Be okay with sharing your story as a way to allow others a sacred space to connect, learn, and heal from what you are sharing.
  •  Have an opinion– They say opinions are like assholes because everyone has one. I like to think of having an opinion as a way of being informed and sharing that information as a way of teaching and learning all at the same time. Your opinion may not always be welcomed but know that you do have one and don’t be afraid to voice that.
  • Stop hiding– Now is the time to come from behind your guru’s, or the people that you have tried to mimic to feel that you have a voice. Stand on your quirks, expertise life experiences and peel back the layers to allow more of you to come through. You will be surprised at how you become a magnet for your true tribe.
  • Embrace your super power– Your super power is what no one else has and that is your uniqueness. Embrace It
  • Do not conform– You don’t have to succumb to be like everyone else, set yourself apart and stick to your beliefs and values. Trust me the world will adjust and you will become your own lead magnet.
  • Increase your knowledge– Go on a self discovery quest to learn more, and more about yourself.
  • Qualify yourself– You are an expert at the things you love to do, even at being yourself. Embrace this quality and certify yourself as the expert in your chosen field. This is a key way to build confidence in yourself and all that you have to offer.
  • Embrace your inner child– In you lies a child unafraid and accepting embrace that little person with a big spirit. This is another key ingredient into standing in your personal power.
  • Self express– Be expressive by using your voice and whatever tools that you feel comfortable in using when communicating with others.
  • Be Bold, Beautiful, & Beneficial– Be brazen in your walk in life knowing you are of value, walk in your beauty and don’t be ashamed of who you are. Be of benefit to others who may struggle with being authentic, quirky, and a over all bad ass.

As always I would love to hear from you and how you are embracing your quirkiness and rocking your soul purpose in style. In the comments tell me what one thing about you that you are embracing? How can you develop a mindset that builds confidence in yourself?

Love, Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy

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