10 Ways To Trust Your Core Genius & Embrace Confidence


If you new that your art would support your life, how would you live? ~ Danielle Laporte

I believe that everything you need is inside of you waiting to be discovered, honed, and crafted into something beautiful. Many of times we get focused on trying to fix what society says is wrong with us that we forget to take a look at all of the things that is right with us and build from there. Life is about growing expanding and living purposefully and at times we get so caught up in doing things that don’t align with our purpose or how we desire to feel.

As Danielle Laporte so eloquently put it ” If you new that your art would support your life, how would you live?

  • Would you live in a way that you expressed your biggest dreams?
  • Would you focus more on what you loved doing and less on what everyone else say’s you should be doing?
  • Would you feel you fear and do it anyways?
  • Would you break your own damn glass ceiling and put your limits to bed?

Think about how life would look for you right now if you were able to use your unique gifts and talents to do exactly what it is you love to do.  I know in my world it looks and feels lovely to be moving and shaking in my element in purpose. What I have realized when I exist in my core genius is that I do things with ease, there is no struggle when I am working doing what I love. I am able to free up more time to focus on cultivating the seeds to my desires and I am also able to delegate the things I don’t like doing to others who are existing in there own genius.

Are you ready to embrace confidence and show up in your unique light doing what you were called to do? If the answer is YES, you are ready to own all of your value and walk upright in a galvanizing way. Here are 10 Ways to trust your core genius and embrace confidence.

  1. Observe yourself– Take a look inside and observe what’s going on inside of you. Without judgment take notes of how you feel, react, and exist in your experiences or situations.
  2. Acceptance– After you have observed yourself and taking notes look at the things you would like to make changes to and slowly put forth one action per day to usher in positive desired change. Be gentle with yourself and offer love and hugs to yourself.
  3. Speak in a way that is empowering– Words have power and should reflect how you envision your life. Your words will begin to build the confidence you need to believe what you say until you see it.
  4. Change your thoughts– Thoughts are the seeds to what exist in your life and they can be changed at any given moment. Don’t become at war with your thoughts just acknowledge them and visualize that in which you truly desire and thank yourself for the alerts that your mind may offer you.
  5. Express yourself– Communicate who you are in an authentic way without concern of criticism or worrying about how you will be received. Use  you expressive ability to find your tribe and build a community of support around your distinctive lingo.
  6. Quiet yourself– In silence you can here from your inner guidance leading you directly to where you need to be. You are always divinely guided so trust that the road your on in stillness is mapping your way to the pot of gold.
  7. Do more of what you love and delegate the rest- Dedicate your time to honing in your craft building upon your strengths. Give the things that you are not good at away to those who can assist you and offer yourself more time. This allows you to build relationships, leadership skills and to be creative in your desired arena.
  8. Learn– Never stop learning. Take initiative to learn something new everyday, and when you learn teach it.
  9. Complete your work– Each task that you undertake dedicate yourself to complete it or check in with yourself if this task fits with where you are trying to go. Don’t leave things lingering were they affect you in a way that you feel guilty or dis- pleasurable. Do something with your task complete, trash it, or table it.
  10. Be open– Open yourself to experience new things, new thought processes and strategies. if your old ways didn’t serve you open your self up to expansion.

I would love to hear how you are trusting your core genius and building confidence in the comments. If this post resonates with you share it with a friend.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy

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