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Blogging is like a personal diary the only catch is that the world gets to read your inner most thoughts, and unique insights. It took me a while to realize that as I like alot of my peers wanted my blog to go viral because in my mind I am a genius and people want to here what I have to say. After starting my first blog and not getting that much traffic I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t made the top 10 list of something. HA! I was in my feelings and ready to quit.

After investing in myself taking courses on how to become visible, or turn my passion into profit I got over whelmed. The new information and million of voices, and expertise in my head blew a fuse and I tapped out. By the end of 2014 I had shut down my website in hopes to seek some clarity and come back to the blogging world stronger with a vision of my own.

Are you a blogger frustrated that your voice isn’t being heard? In your industry is it overcrowded with geniuses repeating the same verbiage?

If your ready to stand out in the crowd I have some tips for you to implement immediately but keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. My hope for you is that you wont give up and that you find your voice and share your experience plus expertise to those who are out there and need you right now. It took me sometime to realize that my story matters to those who are assigned to me and will help me to act in my purpose. I became aware that I was actively working with my niche in my everyday life. I needed to build my confidence through my work by acting, I needed to move past my limiting beliefs through self discovery, and create my blog with purpose and strategy.

Here’s 10 Tips To Blog Like Your Story Matters

  1. Change your thoughts– What you think about your contributions is paramount to the flow of creation. What you are thinking will either compel or repel others to connect with what you’re are writing. Know that your story matters and have confidence that your words will reach those it was designed for.
  2. Get clear about your story or stories– What is that your saying? Get crystal clear on the messages that you are working to convey. Your experiences and life are not just one subject there are sub stories break things down with clarity and heart felt truth.
  3. Be okay with criticism– Everyone will not like you or even get you and that is okay. Give yourself the gift of knowing that you are deserving and your voice matters. Except criticism from those you like and trust all the other stuff is noise and distraction.
  4. Go beyond the limitations– Affirm that there are no limits. if you are running into problems when it comes to your blog i.e (resources, finances, content, community) don’t let this be the catalyst to you giving up. There are to many resources for you to not let your voice be heard.
  5. Guest Blog– Guest blogging is awesome it puts you in front of a new audiences and helps you to build relationships with other entrepreneurs. If you have been the best kept secret in your industry now is the time to pitch to guest post. If you are ready to be seen respond in the comments I can help you with this.
  6. Be consistent – Life happens and we have no control over what happens in your life. Get strategic and  pre- plan your blog post. Use an editorial calendar and be a head of the game. I use Regina Anaejionu Epic Blog check it out here
  7. Write a pillar post– A pillar post are your How To’s and Ultimate Guides. These post are packed with helpful information and allows you to utilize your voice, style, and bring your unique thoughts to the forefront.
  8. Participate in blogger tweet chats– Engage in twitter chats for bloggers and add your expertise to the conversation. You will become a visible, and credible in your arena. Give value don’t just take and you will create lasting friendships as well.
  9. Don’t go at it alone– Find a partner to share your experience with, hold each other accountable, and by all means enjoy the process of becoming seen and heard.
  10. Attend blogging conferences– Surround yourself with like minded individuals. Invest in yourself and sign up for a blogging conference of your choosing. Get involved in the community and realize that you are valuable.

I really hope that these tips are helpful and would love to hear from you in the comments section on other ways you can blog like your story matters. If you are willing to go beyond and turn your blog into a space that is visible I stand with you in your experience.


love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy



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32 thoughts on “10 Tips To Blog Like Your Story Matters

  • Liron Segev

    love that “Be okay with criticism” ! one thing I learnt over the years of blogging is that you can not please everyone all of the time and thats ok. People who chop and change their view just to be popular never last and the audience can smell a fake. Its ok if you have an opinion that is not like everyone else’s – thats why its your opinion 🙂

  • Vanessa Parker

    “It took me sometime to realize that my story matters to those who are assigned to me and will help me to act in my purpose.” was such a powerful statement. We have to remember to serve the niche that is assigned to us. It is so easy to focus on money and the idea of reaching out to the masses. But it is your niche that should matter to you most. Great post. I have never been consistent with blogging and hoping to change that soon.

    • Danica Post author

      Hi Vanessa thanks for reading and yes it took me a while to learn that sticking with my purpose and aligning with a divine plan leads us to the masses.

  • Rosella LaFevre, Business Coach

    #3 is so crucial!

    I love to think of criticism as a good thing. I write book reviews and it’s easier to write a book review when you either really love or really hate a book! Feeling ambivalent about a book makes it almost impossible to review.

    So when someone is actually criticizing you, I suggest you wear it like a badge of honor. People often get the most touchy about things that they don’t want to be true.

    • Danica Post author

      Exactly Rosella, I use criticism as a learning to and opportunity. Thanks for all that you do for Authors and for being here contributing 🙂

  • Rhonda Moore

    Awesome.. I am not a blogger by choice and my main objective was to capture something so that everyone could enjoy.. I think that the steps that you stated will help me go very far in the future with the blog that I have. Thank you for the post.

    • Danica Post author

      That is so awesome to hear Rhonda! Thanks for reading I look forward to seeing you share your story and impact the world.Peace and Blessings!

  • Tamyka Washington

    I really love #2…it’s so important to be clear about your passion and purpose of YOUR blog. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed too, with all the different expert opinions and strategies. I took time to just block out everything and get in my space and zone to just do what I wanted to do to make an impact.

    Being authentic, and writing about my passions as an entrepreneur allowed me to attract other entrepreneurs who choose to do business the same way as me! That allowed me the ability to do work that I absolutely love doing…and being able to prosper from my passion and purpose!

    It’s not always about having the most viral blog…but having a blog that connects with the people you are here to serve, in whatever capacity that is.

    Great tips, Danica!

    • Danica Post author

      Thanks Tamyka! Your blog was one of the first blogs that resonated with me. It was authentic and relatable. Thank you so much for reading. Peace and blessings.

  • Janet Williams

    Great post Danica! I find that blogging consistently also helps to keep me motivated. I simply blog about what I’m feeling, and I know that I can make a difference to at least 1 person’s life every time I press publish.

    • Danica Post author

      So true Janet! If I can impact one person I am satisfied. Thank you so much for reading and adding value. Peace and blessings.

  • Angela

    Hi Danica, this post was very helpful to me. I too was overwhelmed with hearing so much from so many experts that I completely shut down and stopped blogging. I do realize that there are many who need to hear my story, my expertise so that they can move to their “Next.” Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your heart and knowledge.

    • Danica Post author

      Spot on Angela! It’s all anout sharing to help others learn what we have experienced. I look forward to hearing your story and learning from you. Peace and blessings!

  • Kemya Scott

    I used to get frustrated with blogging because of my industry. Once I decided to ignore the way marketing gurus and experts blog, and write in my own voice for non-marketing people, I found my lane. I love your post title, our perspective and our stories DO matter.

    • Danica Post author

      Thanks Kemya! You are another one of my favorite bloggers. You blog like your story, knowledge and expertise matter and that resonates with the masses. Thanks for all that you do. Peace and blessings!

  • Abigail Kuhn

    I love these tips. I have 4 blogs and am working on setting up a 5th. All have very specific purposes that I’ve tried my best to stick with. I’m just getting into thinking of doing guest blogging myself, I’ve done it a few times, but nothing steady. I also accept guest bloggers and contributors to both my business blogs.

    • Danica Post author

      Wow Abigal that is awesome and shhows your dedication. I love blogging and guesting as well. I look forward to reading you.Peace and blessings!

  • Dequiana Jackson

    Great blogging tips, especially #6 Be consistent. Consistency is what keeps our readers coming back. I don’t know how many times I’ve visited a blog, loved a post and ended up disappointed because the blogger took an unannounced break. One thing that’s helped me is to draft several posts at once, either full drafts or outlines. That way, if I have no inspiration to write, I can pull one of my drafts out.

    • Danica Post author

      Yes a Dequaina Consistency is key! I like to show up where my audience needs me and let them no what’s going on in my world. I want my brand to be humanized and authentic. Planning out post and scheduling is a great idea. Thanks for adding value. I look forward to reading you. Peace and blessings!

  • Nina Capelouto

    Thank you for your post. It is a risk to blog to share thoughts with the universe. I started my blog in early 2009, people would ask me what’s a blog, is it like a journal? It was lonely a place in the blog world. Now it seems that everyone knows what a blog is and some have them.

    I love WordPress! I would love to find some Blogging events, I am in the Tucson, Arizona. Please send me some info.

    • Danica Post author

      High Nina! yes blogging world for me is a way to express and to assist other s with things that I’ve either experienced or learned first hand. I am so excited to know that you want to attend more blogging conferences. This year I will be attending #blogher16 and it is a safe place for bloggers and influencer to share their gifts and learn new things. you should look into it and et me know your thoughts.