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TRIANGULAR GEOMETRY” Whatever you don’t like and accept about the perfection of your life right now will keep coming. What you believe is missing will stay missing. Be grateful for however it looks and more will come to gratify  you. ~Melanie Evans

Manifesting is about creating your vision into a tangible reality. We are always manifesting, we do this with our words, thoughts, and our energy. Think about the experiences happening in your life right now can you identify the thoughts or words that you used that contributed to your current creation.

Are your actions blocking the way to your manifestation?

If your actions are blocking your manifestation it is time to clear the way and open yourself up to new processes and new ways of thinking. If you have tried methods and feel that your going no where fast, it is time to surrender to a source higher than yourself and allow things to be.

The secret to manifesting is to believe that it already exist and detach from the outcome by trusting and knowing. You have to be willing to let go and clear the space from all blocks, limiting beliefs, un-forgiveness, attachments, and shit that is holding hostage to a belief that you are un-deserving.  You will need to begin to accept, shed, and create a new way of thinking or speaking about yourself.  You begin how to navigate, and rise above any chaos that may be going on in your life. There comes a inner- awareness and a laser focus when it comes to your goals.

Lets begin to create a new reality for yourself with 7 Ways To Remove Blocks To Manifesting Abundance

  1. Release Limiting beliefs– Go beyond the beliefs that box you in or keep you immobilized from moving forward. Limitations are the parasites to our dreams they suck the very energy that we need to give life to the seeds of our dreams.
  2. Believe it without proof– Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. Activate your faith and believe in the things you desire, and see it, say it, and believe it.
  3. Cultivate– Embody all that you want to be by cultivating the words, ideas, thoughts, behaviors of one who knows their worthiness.
  4. Observe your inner world– Become aware of your inner thoughts and emotions when it comes to your current life and the things that you need to let go of. In awareness you can identify and make the necessary adjustment as needed. Be mindful that the things you think about or obsess over will remain in your life front and center.
  5. Ask for guidance– When you pray or meditate ask for divine guidance and be still enough to listen to the guidance that you receive. Pay attentions as you may be surprised at where  your guidance an answers come from.
  6. Be a magnet for miracles- Be a reflection of what you wish to see. Thank the universe for your desire and know that your dream will come into full fruition at the appointed time. Visualize it daily with expectancy and gratitude.
  7. Believe in your inner power– When you know that you are powerful and capable to make things happen you move confidently in the direction you wish to go. There is a confidence that builds daily, and ability to rise above distractions, and mishaps. There is a power in you that is a reflection of the power that created you, take a moment to tap into that supply.

Take the time to get crystal clear about what you desire and begin to open up a sacred space to allow the energy and flow of manifestation to come into your life. Rid yourself of those old ways that have held you bound to an idea of limits and others people vision for yourself. I would love to hear from you and how you are manifesting your desires, and if you need assistance in creating a space I’m hear to assist you. Drop me a comment below and lets remove those blocks.

Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy

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