7 Indisputable Ways To Access Your True Inner Power

7 Indisputable Ways To Access Your True Inner Power” I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word, and action.”

What is inner wisdom? It is the part of us that needs no manipulation. Your inner wisdom is your gut instincts that lead you to always know truth. Your inner wisdom is always heart centered and fearless.

How do we access it? We access our inner wisdom by listening and trusting our inner- voice. We access it when we do not seek it out but trust that the process is leading us closer to our highest good.

When do we need to access it? We need to access our inner power when we feel powerless. When we totally depend on others to validate who we are. When fear immobilizes us and takes control of our lives. When we fill un-fulfilled.

It is in crisis and chaos that I tapped into my inner power. Those moments when I thought I could not go on and fear had held me captive is when I learned to connect with my inner little girl who was fearless and outspoken. I grabbed hold of strength that I forgot that I had but my instincts told me that it was always there.

Can you think of a time when your back was against the wall and the only thing you could do is come out fighting? I had to fight myself out of a negative mindset, poverty thinking, discrediting my abilities, and fearing the unknown. I had to learn that all of my experiences were serving me in some capacity even when the picture did not develop as I envisioned it. I had to re-think how I looked at loss, and learn to grieve and let things go. I had to be okay with un-learning a lot of things to create a process and pattern that aligned with the way I wanted my life to be. I had to realize that I am worthy just the way I am without the expectations of others. I had to learn to not just rely on my outer strength or being the super-woman. I had to turn my life over to a power higher than I and trust that all things are working for me.

Are you willing to release and accept that a power higher than you is already working it out? Are you willing to listen to your inner -world that is affirming and empowering?

Here are 7 Indisputable Ways To Access your True inner Power

  1. Speak your truth– By speaking up for ourselves and taking full responsibility for the experiences we are having you are taking your power back from anyone that you turned it over to.
  2. Ask for guidance– When you pray ask your higher power for guidance this keeps you in alignment with divine right order and divine right action.
  3. Create a positive mindset– Re-program your mind to see the positive in all things and speak new affirming words to match how you want  to feel.
  4. Deal with the old stuff– Work through those old wounds that harbor feelings of guilt shame resentment and un-forgiveness. This lifts a heavy burden and clears all avenues.
  5. Let go– The things that no longer serve you or fit in your life begin to lighten up the grip, you will begin to open room for the right the things to show up in your life.
  6. Feel your emotions– Begin to feel and process your emotions like a champ. Allow space to have a good cry, laugh or whatever the occasion presents to you even if just for a moment.
  7. Stimulate your inner world– Sit in silence and go on a self-discovery ride between your spirit world and listen to the truth of the matter. This is where you will find all of the right answers and sharpen your inner energy channels

If you still need connecting to your inner power I would love to hear from you. I believe that we all are powerful beings and sometimes life dis- connects us from this very truth. I stand with you as you re-connect to yourself and create a life filled with confidence and gratitude.

Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy






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