Are You Living Intentionally? 10 Steps To Intentional Living.

Are You Living Intentionally_ (1)” When I do it , my life different. More purposeful, more consciously lived, more content with any action. ~ Leo Babauto”


We are one week into the New Year and a lot of you have spent the last few weeks reflecting and sitting in gratitude for your life. In preparation for the goals and desires that you wish to accomplish this year. One of the things that I have begun to make a part of my daily ritual is to be present and in awareness of my inner world as well as my outer world. What I have realized is that the more I am aware and willing to live intentionally the more I am able to access and become a co- creator in my life.

Are you ready to create more of the things that you desire and move from the place of being stuck or un- clear of how to move things forward?

If you answered yes I applaud you and send you love for choosing to put yourself first and begin to flow in divine right action. If you answered yes you are willing to make each decision with a conscious awareness and intent. Your values and desires are of great importance and you will not live life on auto pilot and just exist. Everything you do will have meaning and a great purpose that is not only fulfilling but blissful and a part of your core values and desires.

What is intentional living anyways? In the dictionary of Danica Worthy ~ Intentional living is the awareness of what you do and the reason behind it. It is also the awareness of the things you do not want to do and the reason behind it.

As you begin to go through your day begin to think about why you are doing ABC and D  begin to put intentions behind the Why

There are steps that you can take to live your life with intention. One of the biggest lessons in life that I had to learn over and over again is that my experiences were not the end of me. There was and will always be a greater purpose for any pain, life lesson, tragedy or loss that you can experience. I had to learn to value all of me just the way that I am while intentionally visualizing who I am becoming. This action was the catalyst to my transformation and the bricks that I laid a solid foundation upon.

Here are 10 proven steps to living intentionally

  1. Accept and allow- Accepting yourself and allowing things to just be without the attempt to alter life’s plans is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself. You are telling the universe that you have full faith in the process.
  2. Be committed to yourself- When you are committed to all of you, you are acknowledging that you are worthy and deserving. You realize the value in who and what you are.
  3. Forgive- Forgiving yourself and others holds a space for healing and new beginnings to take place. Those blocks that you seem to never get rid of begin to dissolve.
  4. Give without expectation-Give from your heart and without expecting to receive in return. You will be rewarded from your generosity and kindness.
  5. Acknowledge-Wake the power in you up by appreciating and acknowledging that it is there.
  6. Tap into your purpose-What it is that lights your soul on fire, do more of that. Tap into those desires and things that keep you up at night.
  7. Learn and teach- Never stop learning, exploring, and discovering, and then teach.
  8. Set attainable goals- Set smart and specific goals. Check in with yourself and evaluate what needs to stay on your list or go.
  9. Stay focused- Don’t limit yourself by distractions stay focused and dedicated to your new lifestyle. Keep your soul purpose and intention and the forefront of your day.
  10. Visualize and speak what you wish to see- See what you want, speak it, and you will begin to materialize it. Remember your words are a huge part of the process,

Use your internal power and set your intentions daily to create that in which you are ready to manifest. Whatever you desire today if it is to heal your life, build a sustainable business, let go of a toxic relationship, or to have the right people and opportunities to appear. This is your time to begin to have faith in yourself and the god that has created you.

I would love to hear from you and know how you are using these steps or the steps you’ve created for yourself to live intentionally.

Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy



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