12 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams And Live Life Boldly

12 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams And Live Life Bodly“Everything that happens to you, you have asked for on some level.” ~ A Course In Miracles

Our thoughts are always creating our realities. What we think about manifest itself in our lives. If you are familiar with the law of attraction then you are aware that what you focus on shows up. It is like going to your favorite restaurant and placing an order then waiting for your food to return. This is how manifestation works. Our thoughts, beliefs, energy, and desires work to cook us up a plate of something fantastic or horrid based upon what we request.

What are you manifesting in your life?  Are you creating that in what you truly desire or are blocks of  self-doubt, fears, and  negative beliefs  prohibiting you from  manifesting your dreams?

If you are like me you probably have had the anguish of putting your order up and out to the universe but the return fell flat. I would like to help you with that. Today you can begin the process of eliminating blocks and manifesting your dreams and living life bodily. Take a moment and imagine how it would feel to have the things you desire. Visualize what your life would look like, and what purpose would having your desires serve?

Here are some great tools to help you begin to manifest and watch your life emerge like a lotus flower.

  1. Imagine– Imagine that what you desire is possible and feel all that arises as you think on the things you desire. If negative feelings arise thank yourself for the alert and keep the desired feeling forefront and visible.
  2. Be grateful – give thanks for everything that brought you to this current state of wanting more for your life. The key to having everything we want I to first be grateful for what we currently have.
  3. Believe– Affirm that Everything I want wants me and repeat this mantra daily as you are moving forward to creating a life that is worthy and designed by you for you… HA I like that:)
  4. Be Unattached – If you put your order out to the universe, god, and the heavens let it be. Trust and know that your desire is birthing itself and your execution of planned actions. As we allow growth and expansion to take place we prevent our desires from aborting themselves.
  5. Do more of what makes you happy– The things that bring you the most joy, and you thrive in and receive that euphoric feeling from. Do more of that.
  6. Visualize it– Visualizing is a great way to usher in manifestation. not only do you see it you are living it in your mind, you are putting a lot of energy behind your thought in which the universe grants us extra bonuses for this kinds of energy.
  7. Have Faith– Faith believes without seeing or needing proof. Faith is an access point and a great way to convince your subconscious mind. it is developed over time and through a variety of ways and rituals.
  8. Write it down– Put your goals, dreams and desires on paper. Be clear and definitive with your statements, request and plan of action.
  9. Speak it- Say what you want to see and repeat it as necessary. Your words have power and act as your currency and promissory note.
  10. Dream Big– There is no dream to big be unlimited in your dreaming and know that all things are possible as long as you believe.
  11. Do the work– While you’re believing and reciting and visualizing it is most important to do the work required to set you up where you need to be. “The work” Comes in many forms it is up to you define that and do it.
  12. Let go– Anything that hold you hostage ” Give It up” Let go and be free from these that conflict or restrict you from moving onward.

You are powerful beyond measure and nothing can stop you but you. If you have limiting beliefs or old ways of thinking use some or all of these tools to unblock your manifestations and begin to enjoy life fully. Tell me one way in the comments sections how you are manifesting you dreams.

Love Light & Blessings

Danica N. Worthy

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