7 Actionable Steps For Self Love And Self Care.

7 Actionable Steps For Self Love And Self Care“You yourself, as much as anybody in this entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~ Buddha

Have you ever felt not good enough? I mean really felt painfully worthless and allowed negative self-talk and criticism to consume the very depths of your soul. If you have don’t waste another minute of robbing yourself of the joy and abundant light that resides inside of you. In life we women have been taught to cover ourselves with a mask and meet the demands of everything around us. We’ve been programmed to silence our unique voice for the greater good of others. But look around you ladies there are more women stepping up to the plate and saying “No More” They are shouting I love me more and I’m going to do something about it.

Self-love is important to living well and affects your overall health. It influences your decision making and assists you as you travel along your life journey. The biggest bonus of self-love is you get to feel good and open yourself up to let more love in. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about love and self-love is that you have to control it. Love is limitless and is one of the most powerful healing mechanisms in the universe.

Self-love grows by action and the more we practice it our life and environments change. Development of our courage, confidence, self-esteem, and purpose starts to take form. The realization that there is always enough love becomes our belief and the appreciation of us becomes second to none. The need to mask our feelings become apart of the old ways of thinking crew along with the explaining of our choices.

How would you feel if I told you that there are some actionable steps that you can put into place that will usher in more self-love and leave you feeling more centered and desirable? Good Right? Here are 7 Actionable Steps for Self-Love And Care.

  1. Forgive-Forgive yourself and others even if you are not aware of how to do this. Be willing to forgive and allow the process to work for how you desire to feel. If something holds you and ties you to the past it needs to be forgiven and set free.
  2. Choose– Be aware that you have choices and can make a conscious decision to decide to do A B C or D. you do not have to do anything and don’t allow yourself to pressure into having to do anything.
  3. Set limits– Boundaries are a necessity and allow you to press the stop button when things are not okay. The word NO becomes a complete sentence and your activities are based upon what actually feels good to you.
  4. Express yourself- Your voice, ideas, art, and feelings matter. Express yourself and allow the flow of your spirit to shine through without an apology.
  5. Self- Discover– Become more in tune with your feelings and allow yourself the space and time to feel. The more you are aware the more you are adept to offer self-love to yourself.
  6. Relax– Enjoy life and the fruits of your labor. Express gratitude for all that you have and just let life show you how beautiful it is.
  7. Protect yourself- this means your time, energy, and space. Be mindful of who you bring into your life, feel there energy and if it doesn’t fit you must get rid of it. Your time is precious and should not be wasted. Your space should be sacred and reflect how you want to feel. Loving yourself means you respect yourself and would not hold yourself hostage to things that harm you.

What are some self- love actions that you currently have in place or are working on? Take in the information that your spirit, mind, and body gives you. Use this information as tools to connect with yourself and develop a plan to show yourself all the love you can. I believe the more we focus on our inner world the better our outer world will appear. We begin to attract the right things, and people into our lives and manifest on a higher frequency. As always I would love to hear from you in the comments section, share with this community your ideas and rituals used to more self-love and self-care.


Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy


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