The Power of Affirmations And How To Create Them.

The Power Of Affirmations And How To Create Them.

Did you know that there is power in your words? Words are magical they have the power to lift us up or tear us down. Words carry energy, healing power, life, and death in its syllables. It is required that we monitor our words as we would are most precious keep sake. Affirmations are statements that are declared to be true and if created and used correctly can change your life.

Did you know that what you say is important? Our words are supposed to make us feel good, and lets just be real we have become comfortable with using words that we perceive to be our reality. The great part about this is whatever we have believed can be changed with intention, action, and a new belief system. You have the ability to change the program that now resides in your mind and use dialogue that is affirming.

If you knew that what you continually say is creating your life experiences would you be mindful of your words? Affirming means that you are agreeing so if your words are negative, complaining, and focusing on what you don’t want you are creating more of that energy and manifesting these bad events. To change this the first thing is mind your mouth and feed your mind with new information that is promoting your desired feelings.

The more you speak in a way that is in agreement with your core feelings and desires the more manifesting of these things come in to play. In my life affirmations made me feel good they assisted me in the time that trouble seemed to arise in my life, but that was not the only work that I had to do to benefit from the full power of my words and my thinking. I had to not only make clear statements but I had to believe and accept that what I said was true and possible.

Are your words matching what you want to feel and create? Take a moment to check in with you and put those desires on the table and allow yourself to make an internal agreement between your mind and spirit. Create affirmations and declarations about what you want to see appear in your life. When chaos shows up and trust me it will I want you to say the powerful words more often. Write them and post them everywhere you can see them.

Create these statements and tailor them to promote awareness inner- peace and truth. So If you’re saying you desire more love in your life. You can affirm that I am worth loving. If you desire to money you can create an affirmation that says I am a magnet for money. Leave no room for doubt or negativity in your affirmations. This is your power statement and promissory note that what you say is going to show up in your life.

You have the ability to make choices and you can choose to identify with words that feed your spirit. In life we believe we have to do things or say things based upon what some one has told us. I challenge you today to dig deeper check your mind and spirit before you make an agreement with your words. You are saving yourself an experience of living someone else’s story and speaking life into your own on your terms and with your own power.

I would love to hear from you and see examples of powerful affirmations that you are creating for yourself.


Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy

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