37 Self-Love Hacks: A Cheat Sheet To Adding More Bliss To Your Life

Its about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love compensate for a self love deficit~ Eartha Kitt37 Self - Love Hacks

What does self- love look like? I believe it looks different for everyone because we all have many different ways to show love to ourselves. In my life self love is a necessity and if I am not giving myself the love, and attention I need I can get physically sick, low in energy, and even poor in spirit. It is beneficial to check in and take a long hard look at the relationship that you have with yourself. Practicing self-love although it can be challenging to maintain is one of the most magical healing acts that only you can perform. We currently live in times where caring for ourselves may look selfish or narcissistic but in all honesty it is about self-preservation, and becoming one with ourselves on a deeper level.

Why do we put everything or everyone before we care for ourselves? I want you to ponder that question and write down the benefits of neglecting self- care for the sake of ______

The more aware that you are of yourself the more capable you are of giving and receiving love and care. In awareness you begin to become after years of just being. You find that there is more joy, confidence, and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Relationships are important and the one that you have with yourself will be the catalyst to sustaining any other relationships that you will encounter. Self-love is the key to your happiness it is a sacred act that pushes you past any limiting beliefs that would keep you stuck, or feeling bad about yourself.

I’m going to give you a head start in creating more self love in your life here are 37 hacks

  1. Look in the mirror and say I love you every morning
  2. Accept all the things that make you YOU
  3. Forgive yourself and forgive others
  4. Take a long walk
  5. Listen to your favorite music.
  6. Indulge in simple pleasures
  7. Unplug
  8. Create your own sacred space
  9. Write in a journal
  10. Feel your emotions fully and completely
  11. Travel abroad
  12. Reminisce about the things that bring you joy
  13. Reach out to your tribe the silent pull that says come on home
  14. Be creative
  15. Express yourself
  16. Ask yourself questions (self  discover)
  17. Love on your body
  18. Massage yourself
  19. Don’t compare yourself to others you are unique
  20. Visualize your future self
  21. Practice gratitude
  22. Let go
  23. Heal old wounds
  24. Gaze into the stars
  25. Eat healthy
  26. Be generous
  27. Be vulnerable
  28. Cultivate your gifts
  29. Love passionately
  30. Have fun and enjoy life
  31. Break your own glass ceiling
  32. Spend time with your friends
  33. Be spontaneous
  34. Reprogram your inner dialogue
  35. Celebrate your accomplishments
  36. End toxic relationships
  37. Be your own best friend

I can go on and on here guys as I had to learn how to incorporate self love into my daily ritual. I had to create the exercise above and ask myself what was the benefits of me putting myself last, and I realized I always came up short and that did not serve me or anyone else. I would like you to comment here or on my facebook page and tell me some ways you are practicing self-love and putting yourself first.

Love Light & Blessings,

Danica N. Worthy



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